About me

Digital Producer Based in Tokyo

languages: English / Japanese

Working as a producer at major companies/agencies in Tokyo, I was disappointed at some of the overhead costs passed onto the client, and the inefficiencies that cost unnecessary working hours. Sometimes it makes sense to have big companies and their processes, for the rest of us, we just want to get it done.

As a freelance digital producer, I continue to maintain the networks from my previous agencies and engage in valuable knowledge sharing, whilst keeping overhead costs low and making turnaround as quick as  possible.

Relevant Career Information

2013: Creative & Web Direction

Started out as a Web Director in the Creative and Web Design Team at a finances branch as major internet company.

2017: EC Solutions

Project Manager for web production at boutique branding agency specializing in fashion and luxury clients, focusing on E-commerce solutions

2019: Begin Freelance Work
2021: Photo & Video

Producer for startup division in major media company. In addition to Web Dev, some clients required promotional videos which required talent casting

2022: CG Asset Production

Producer for International Design Agency specializing in motor vehicle assets production from CG raw materials.
Vendors were located in Japan and Europe.

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